Vegan Ice Cream

Top 5 Ice cream Facts to Know About

Ice-cream can be the great treat and you can enjoy it anytime. Most of the people always keep it in freezers. This is something that you can share with your next get-together with friends or family members. You can enjoy delicious flavours of ice-creams at any event like a sports game, social event, a dinner party, a movie night and more.  Everyone has different taste and own favourite flavour.  There are so many great ways to enjoy ice-creams.  But, do you know some facts about your favourite dessert. Do you want to know more about ice-cream and its origin? Let’s talk more about these facts.

Well, everyone loves ice-cream for so many good reasons. We have heard some cool facts about the ice-cream, so we are sharing them here.

  • Origin of ice-cream:

The first known ice-cream recipe was written in 1665 and most of the people believe that its origin is unknown. Earlier ancient Greeks used to enjoy a dessert similar like ice-cream and first ice-cream plant was opened in 1851. The ice-cream sundae was introduced in 1880. Now it has become best selling treat in many countries.

  • Top Ice-cream consuming countries:

Well, this is famous all across the globe, but if we talk about the top countries then New-Zealand, USA, Australia, Finland and Sweden top the list.

  • Most popular Ice-cream flavours:

Well, chocolate flavour was invented in first than Vanilla. If we talk about popular flavour then vanilla is popular than any other ice-cream flavour. You can also find the other strange ice-cream flavours in market including avocado and more.

  • The Tallest Ice-Cream Cone:

It was 9 feet tall and scooped in Italy. This is quite amazing and you can find more information online about these tallest ice – cream cones.

  • Popular Ice-Cream topping:

Chocolate syrup is the most popular ice-cream topping. Most of the people are great admirer of this taste.

These are some facts that you have not heard before. You can increase your knowledge about it by finding more facts and impress your family or guests with your knowledge about this sweet treat.  This is quite interesting, isn’t it? You can get the best flavour or prepare these ice-creams at home as well.

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