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Testing Package


This package contains only one pack of 10 liters. Contains 2 bags with 5 liter each.

For this tasting package you cannot order more than 1 package.

*** 1 QTY = 1 PACKAGE.


It’s an ice cream which is best for those who are lactose intolerant or have milk allergies
If your end-customers are lactose intolerant or have allergies from milk, then we assure that Stefanija is in the market to stay and will never harm such people. That is also because it is completely vegan and safe to consume by those who are lactose intolerant or have milk allergies. Basically, we are giving an amazing range of yummy desserts and a happy alternative to the regular ice creams for those who do not want to depend upon milk or dairy products.

It is already mixed with flavor; less work for you

As an ice-cream vendor or parlor, you would want to invest less time in making the ice cream perfect for the customer. So, we have got that covered for you. The Vanilla flavor is already pre-mixed, which we offer with Stefanija soft serve vegan ice cream. You just have to offer it to the customer or patron that demands it and bill it on the way for delivering on the spot unforgettable experience to such customers.

Years ago, living the dairy-free life could make you scream for ice cream. There was no option for lactose intolerant and vegans, specifically in terms of ice cream.  But with time, things have changed; now there are endless options for these people, they can keep their freezer full with nice ice-creams made up of dairy alternatives and other fresh ingredients. Just because there are several options in the market, it doesn’t mean that they are equally healthy or, for that matter, delicious.

However, this is not the same with Stefanija, here you will experience super decent, and creamy Stefanija vegan soft serve ice cream. As we are in the ice cream business for over 40 years, further know it took selfless efforts to deliver the tastiest delight. We have a certified food coach and nutritionist in our team to pinpoint the healthiest pins among our samples.

We follow the strict guidelines; therefore, when you want to buy vegan ice cream come to us, we will be more than happy to serve you. We are a wholesaler of entirely vegan and certified Stefanija ice cream, so if you own a café, ice cream parlor, or restaurant, then we can help you to have a great vegan customer base.

Here for your convenience, we have come up with one tasting package of 10 liters. One package contains two bags with 5 liters each. However, there is one limitation; you can’t order more than one box at a time. Stefanija ice cream is the best ice cream for the people suffering from lactose intolerance or milk allergies. This ice cream is tested and proved to be harmless for such people. With such fantastic dessert options on your list, it is now possible for people to become vegan as Stefanija ice cream is a happy and yummy alternative to the regular ice creams for those who don’t want to depend upon the dairy or milk products.

Still, some people don’t consider healthy ice-cream food. They believe that despite its delicious flavors, overeating ice cream doesn’t do any favor for your long term health. But this is noncontextual in the case of Stefanija ice cream, as it is developed keeping vegan customers in mind. Therefore we can say that it is safe for this sensitive segment of society.

Stefanija has been dealing with the ice cream for years, so we have strictly observed the requirement as well as the expectation of people. Desserts always fascinate those people who have implied some restrictions over their diet, just like vegans or those suffering from lactose intolerance. Stefanija ice cream can serve the purpose of an alternative for such people. Further, we assure you that once you add this ice cream in your ice cream menu, then you won’t look back.  All you need to place your bulk ice cream order for this special vegan delight, and you would be happy to have great customer base.

If you have opened a new café or ice cream bar, then you can give a kick start to your business with the help of Stefanija ice creams. It has become the first choice for health-conscious customers.

How can you order a tasting package?

Well, the process is quite simple; just visit our website and place your order. This tasting package is available for worldwide customers. You can select your currency, and you are good to go. Always remember this tasting package contain only two bags of 5 liters each, and you can’t order more than one packet for tasting. We try to deliver this order as soon as possible so that you can place a bulk order for your business.

How can you make the profit-making deal without involving much effort?

If you have added Stefanija ice cream in your menu, then you can rest assured as it is going to be your best selling item of your ice cream parlor in no time. As this ice cream is developed, keeping the customers suffering from lactose intolerance or milk allergies in mind, further, it is proven that it doesn’t put any one’s health at risk.  This ice cream is safe to use for this segment of society. Stefanija ice cream comes with pre-mixed and enhanced flavors, which mean that you don’t need to put extra efforts to delight customers. All you have to greet customers and get their bill done, and it is all set to be delivered. We assure you that it is going to be the most unforgettable experience for your customers. So why not you add this profit-making steal in your regular menu.

Why should you trust Stefanija for a deal?

Stefanija is renowned for being a pioneer who has over 40 years of experience dealing with ice creams. It is our third generation who is taking forward our legacy by trusting on our two significant attributes superb quality and taste. We are experiencing ultimate pride for stating the fact that we are one of that Vegan Ice Cream Shop online that is dealing in Soya Based Vanilla ice Creams which is the most loved vegan ice cream flavor across the globe.

If you are interested in making your customers happy for the long term, then you should trust us as well as our offering.

Is it easy to shop Stefanija ice cream?

Indeed, we are operating our business through our official website. Further, we aim to sell it to our customers at wholesale rates. So dealing with us, won’t be a problem. You are free to buy as many as soft serve Stefanija ice cream even on the same day at exclusive wholesale prices.

If you are all set to beat your competitor present in the market, then you should tend to include this ice cream in your menu to attract health-conscious customers.

How can I contact you for the bulk purchase?

We are operating our business through our official website, so we would prefer to get connected via email. For your reference, our email Id is Place your bulk vegan ice cream order today, we will be more than happy if you give us a chance to serve.

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