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***Our mix is firmer than a regular soft ice cream mix (dairy). Please shake the bag before pouring it into a softice-machine.

One pallet = 760 L. / 2.5 € L. , Half pallet = 380 L. / 2.5 € L.


One pallet = 76 packages ( 760 L. ) and cost 2.5 € per L.
Half pallet = 38 packages ( 380 L ) and cost 2.5 € per L.

Buy Vegan Ice Cream Online

Look around you will find a new range of vegan ice cream options popping up everywhere-because consumers expressed a deep interest in these products. Therefore major ice cream companies in the world now offer dairy-free ice cream range which is a huge and commendable step for animal safety. By choosing this vegan ice cream option, you can prevent the cow from being used for the milk. For massive milk production in the dairy industry, calves are stolen from their mother’s right after their birth.

The Stefanija is the first-ever ice cream brand that has won people’s heart with decent ice cream pallet.  At Vegan Softice, we offer ice creams in the most loved vanilla flavor, made up of soya-based milk and locally sourced ingredients. We have been in this business since generations; therefore, you can trust us for the rich taste and unforgettable flavor.

Since the last 40 years, we have been very successful into the ice cream market across the country. Currently, our third generation has taken charge to carry forward our legacy with pride. However, from the last year, we have started the selling of Stefanija vegan soft serve ice cream that has become an all-time favorite of customers.

If you want to taste this creamy delight, then you can order its pallet. Aside, according to your convenience, you can either full order pallet, half pallet or quarter pallet. If own ice cream parlor and want to add in your ice cream pallet, then you are at the best resource. One pallet of 96 packages cost €2,688.00, and we are even open for the large orders, however for such orders a customer need to bear extra shipping charges.

We are wholesale vegan ice cream provider, so if you own a cafe, restaurant or ice cream bar, and willing to add our ice cream in your menu, then you are free to contact us. Stefanija offers a fantastic range of Stefanija vegan soft serve ice cream, which customers enjoy a lot. Therefore if you want to relish a considerable customer base and then contact us for the Stefanija vegan delicate serve ice cream supplies. Here we are ready to take up order in the form of pallets.

Stefanija vegan soft serve ice cream is renowned and certified vegan ice cream flavor that has been introduced by us in the full force. It is an epic delight for the vegans to get a chance to eat ice cream, which is entirely produced healthily and safely without risking anyone’s life.

Don’t worry, it is entirely vegan and developed hygienically so that people who are suffering from lactose intolerance or milk allergies can enjoy it.

Stefanija is the wholesale shop deals in a fantastic range of yummy and soya-based desserts that serve as the most excellent alternative to the regular ice creams lover who prefers to stay away from the dairy and milk products.

So what are you waiting for? Choose your desired quantity of vegan ice cream pallet and get ready to deliver an unforgettable experience to your customers.

Why choose Vegan Softice?

Well, if you are trying to build your customer base in the vegan community, then Stefanija is the wholesale vegan ice cream shop that can help you. This service provider ought to provide a good alternative to an ice cream lover who is looking for the healthy options of the regular ice cream. This is the finest way for a new ice cream bar, cafe or restaurant to make their place in the market.

What makes vegan ice cream so popular?

We are living in a time when almost every second person is suffering from lactose intolerance or milk allergies. These kinds of people have to compromise in their lives as they can’t enjoy regular things available in the market, specifically ice creams. Therefore Stefanija has come up in the market as a strong alternative of the ordinary ice creams. Their ice creams comprise soya-based formula as well as local ingredients that generally suit every vegan. Further, this company is owned by Stefanija for generations. Over 40 years, they have been serving people with pride. Stefanija vegan soft is a new addition in the menu list of this company and has turned out as the steal deal. This might be the reason why vegan ice creams, as well as Vegan Softice, have gained popularity in people.

Why an ice cream vendor or parlour should invest in Stefanija ice-cream?

Suppose you are a new ice cream vendor or parlor owner who doesn’t want to invest much time in making the perfect ice-cream for your customers. Then you should purchase Stefanija ice-cream as it is a soft serve and comes in the pre-mixed form so that you don’t need to put additional efforts in it to enhance its basic flavor. All you need to offer the ice cream flavor according to the demand of your customers and get the billing done. As it is already set to be delivered, don’t worry, it will be an unforgettable experience for your customers.

What do you need to do for placing a bulk order for Stefanija ice-cream?

Visit our website to place your order for pallet. Stefanija has years of experience in handling bulk orders. But it will take 2-3 days extra if your shipping location is at a distance. Further, you have to bear shipping charges too, so it would be better to place bulk order to save yourself from the repetitive shipping charges.

It is our greatest pleasure to be a leading name of vegan soy-based ice cream for over 40 years, and we intend to keep it this way.

Buying vegan ice cream online has never been easier here at Stefanija. You need to simply visit our website to place an order for a pallet. Shipping is done real-time after an order is placed, but it might take 2 or 3 days long if your shipping location is at a distance. The cost of shipping will be shouldered by the buyer too. Considering these circumstances, we highly recommend you buy vegan ice cream online in bulk to save on time and the repetitive shipping charges.

Your worry days are over as Stefanija has handled numerous bulk orders from clients near and far, thanks to our many years in business. Be one of our increasing loyal clienteles. Place a bulk order now!

How to contact Vegan Softice?

If you are interested in our services, then you can contact us at +46 738 36 53 68 or for further enquiry.

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