Vegan Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix

The latest ice-cream variety of Vegan Softice known as the Stefanija is targeted at the people who love vegan food and also for those who suffer from milk allergies or lactose intolerance. Our Vegan Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix Online is suitable for both the retail ice-cream parlors and your homes. The Stefanija soft serve vegan ice cream Vanilla flavor comes pre-mixed and saves you from all the hassles.

To experience one of the best quality ice-creams you can order our Tasting Package. It comes in 1 pack of 10 liters, i.e. 2 bags of 5 liters each. If you like the taste you can order the Stefanija Vegan Soft Ice Mix Online in bulk at an exclusive wholesale price on the very same day.

Ice cream is not just about keeping your taste buds satiated but also about making moments special. If you are someone, who is curious to taste the best ice cream flavors, then you have come to the right place. Vegan Softice is inspired by the best tastes and flavors when it comes to providing you ice cream mix on wholesale. We have a wide range of options for you that you can simply pick to tickle your taste buds whenever you want. We are among the reputed hubs where you will find wholesale ice cream mix at affordable costs.

Vegan Soft Ice Cream Mix for Home

When you are desperate to create your own ice cream recipe, you would like to search for various ice cream flavors. This is why we have come up with oodles of choices on ice cream mix at wholesale rate. We are curious to keep our customers made over ice cream flavors. This is why we are providing delicious options in abundance. In fact, we are renowned for our quality and different flavors. With our focus on genuine taste and delicious products, we are available to help you make your own ice cream recipe. Now, check our inventory and get ice cream at wholesale prices.


Whether you buy the Vegan Soft Ice Cream Mix For Home or your ice-cream parlor it makes your task a lot easy. The Stefanija soft serve vegan ice cream that comes in a Vanilla flavor is already pre-mixed and easy to serve.
The Tasting Package is available at a rate of €35.00.
The Order as Pallet segment is priced at a range of €712.80 – €2,419.20.
The Stefanija ice-cream bars that come in the Vanilla flavor offered for bulk purchase are gaining more popularity. Studies say this flavor has been a big hit in the café, restaurants, and definitely the ice cream joints.

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