Vegan Ice Cream

How ice cream makes sadness go away

Ice Cream Makes Us Feel HappyThe best way to enjoy a sunny day is by eating a cup of your favorite, delicious ice cream. For kids, summers are usually all about ice creams. But the reason why ice cream has become a favorite dessert for most people is that eating it makes us feel happy.

Reasons Why Ice Cream Makes Us Feel Happy

As per some studies, eating ice cream makes our brain respond in the same way when we listen to our favorite music. The way we feel stress-free while enjoying our favorite music, the same feelings generate in our body while eating ice cream.

Ice cream is not only a dessert which makes us happy but it is also enriched with proteins and fats which are required by our body to maintain our moods. The amino acids present in ice cream are known to calm down the human mind which as a result keeps the mind stress-free.

Most of our childhood memories are somewhat connected with ice creams. While eating ice cream, our thoughts bring us back towards our wonderful childhood experiences. Our brain instantly remembers those positive and happy childhood days.

We all are familiar with the fact that eating your comfort food helps when you feel sad. It lifts your mood for some time.

Ice creams also contain a huge amount of vitamins. Vitamin K is present in ice creams which helps in preventing blood clotting. It is a great source of dietary supplements which include thiamine, niacin, and riboflavin.

Ice cream is not just an incredible food which makes people happy but it is also a great source of energy. Phosphorus present in ice cream is known to control the mood swings in ladies. It also lowers the risks of kidney stones.

Ice creams provide us happy caloriesMilk is the major ingredient of ice cream. A tranquilizer named L-tryptophan which is present in milk in large amounts is known to relax the nervous system of our body. The tranquilizer also helps in reducing the symptoms of insomnia. It activates the hormones in our body which triggers the feeling of excitement and happiness. A part of our brain which deals with our emotions is activated when we eat ice cream.

Ice creams are filled with happy calories. The fats present in ice cream helps in reducing the power of sad emotions. So, we can say that eating ice cream is a better way to reduce stress than taking antidepressants.

Ice creams also boost our immune system. It is a kind of fermented food which is considered good for our intestinal health. With improving the immune system in humans, calcium present in ice creams also strengthens the bones in the human body. To maintain bone health, calcium is the most vital mineral required by the body. Calcium is a kind of mineral that cannot be produced in our body, so we have to take it from the food rich in calcium. So, including ice cream in our daily diet can also meet up the calcium requirements of our body. It is a great dessert that lightens your mood and makes you happy.