Payments through direct bank transfers, PayPal, Debit/Credit card, Swish (Phone payments), WorldPay, Razorpay, DIBS Payments, Nochex, PAYMILL, Braintree are accepted by us. So, there wouldn’t be an issue for you to make international or domestic payments at all.

The intention is to supply it all over the world. However, as of now, it is going to be supplied and shipped successfully to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway as a close possibility, depending upon the number of orders from the same.

Luckily, there is no shipping cost involved as of now. Whenever you are ordering the “test package” for testing the vegan vanilla soft serve ice cream, it will be easily delivered to the address you have put in through the check-out step. Then, you can continue to order more from us and begin impressing your customers like never before.

In case the “test package” is not what you have thought it to be, it’s always best to record the video and take snapshots as a live proof of the delivery of the same. Then, our back-end team will review it thoroughly.

This review is done and completed within 24-72 hours. Then, we try to get back to you. So, if the bags are not proper or are damaged, then extra bags will be offered whenever the next order is placed.

Otherwise, if the cartons are broken, then you should show the delivery guy the proof and demand compensation from the same. Also, you can contact us directly through an email or a call.

However, if this were the last time you ordered from us and you are not satisfied with the delivery, then we will refund the amount.

There will be customised discounts on large orders or for those who are ordering regularly from us. So, it’s always best for retailers and wholesalers to contact us for more details on the same.