Vegan Ice Cream

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Before throwing an ice party, you will want to know the availability of ice as per the number of people attending the party. If you have access to a reliable vendor, you can figure out the ice bags you need and chill them for your guests. There should be an abundance of ice or little above the requirement but never out of ice to save from embarrassing situations.

Quality ice cream

Reputed brands will never let you down before your guests as you can find the right amount and flavor of ice cream in proper time. You want to deliver an unforgettable experience to your esteemed guests.

Vegan ice cream is the right answer to people suffering from milk allergies. As vagan ice cream is readily available with a flavor, there will be little work for the host.

Stefanijia is a 100% plant-based product, and it is 100% free from milk. Thus, you can eliminate gluten, nuts, palm oil, eggs, and lactose by choosing Stefanijia. The ice cream is made with oat, soy, probiotic, and vegan.

The product made at a dedicated non-dairy unit will serve your needs in the best possible way.

Delivery of ice cream

If you order Stefanijia soft vanilla ice cream, it will be delivered in 2-liter bags, which are packed in a box. You have the flexibility to store the liquid at the average room temperature (25° Celsius). You can manage ten portions of ice cream with one liter of Stefanijia. The mix should be kept cold at least 24 hours before serving to deliver great taste. To maximize the amount of oxygen in the cream, you should clean the ice cream machine for at least once or twice a week. The ice cream machine is ideal for augmenting oxygen.

Ingredients of ice cream mix

Soft Ice Cream SuppliersThe plant-based Stefanijia contains healthy and natural ingredients. The ingredients include soya bean, vegetable oil, water extract, salt, emulsifier, and vanilla flavoring. The energy delivered for every 100 grams of the mix is 690 kilojoules.

Ordering a larger package 

Before placing a large order, soft ice cream suppliers will let you place a tasting order. The tasting order contains a single pack of 10 liters or two packs of 5 liters. After placing the order, the customer will be able to order as many Stefanijia on the same day at wholesale price.

Ice calculation 

The ice party event should be planned, and it can be executed without any confusion when you have access to quality supplies. As per the type of function and purpose, the ice requirement will change. Typically, it can be around 1.5 pounds per guest. The immediate ice requirement will be more when you plan a wedding party or BBQ. After ordering the ice, you should not open everything at once at the event. The chilled ice cream should not be brought to the room temperature. Hence, you should have access to considerable storage space to preserve the items in good condition.

Leading ice brands can produce quality ice and serve the needs of clients in the best possible way!